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Syria is a charming and captivating country, enticing all who visit with a wealth of history, tradition and culture. Old as civilization itself, a journey to Syria is an experience like no other, and one that will remain with you for ever.
Many a traveller has fallen in love with this ancient majestic land, and once you come you can never truly leave, a part of you will always be here.....
This guide aims to provide would be travellers to Syria with invaluable tips and insights into this wonderful country, as well as information about Syrian society, culture and heritage, and a run down of places of interest, essential area guides, and travel tips on where to go, what to do and where to stay. Get Started

umayyad Mosque in Damascus SyriaBarada Branch in Damascus SyriaDamascus Syria under snowArabic House In the shadowVisions ....Snow in DamascusBeautiful DreamsDamascus Moon B & W PortraitMinistry of Tourismmarket in Damascus Syriain the old street of damascusOld House in the road of Old Damascusto be a cat

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Entry procedures and visas

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Places of interest - Where to go and what to see

Syria Information


Syria FAQ

Is it safe in Syria? What about terrorism? Is the tap water drinkable? Can I wear shorts? Is accommodation and transportation easy to find? etc etc……..

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Syria Facts and Figures

General Information and important facts and figures about Syria. Population, religion, currency, language….

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